Save Me Cover Reveal

I'm very happy to reveal the cover and blurb of my debut novel, Save Me: a Stepbrother Romance!  SAVE ME is scheduled to go live in the Amazon store on July 3, 2015.  Isn't it pretty?!




Callum Gatlin is dangerous.  Callum Gatlin hates me. 

And now?  Callum Gatlin is my stepbrother.


I’ve been broken since Dad died.  Crippled by pain and the secrets I keep.  I’m supposed to be perfect—the good girl with the 5.0 GPA and a ticket to Harvard.  The last thing I need is a sexy as hell, tattooed bad boy stalking me, flirting with me, and calling me Sis with a cheeky grin.  Especially if that bad boy is my obsessed childhood bully.  Cal Gatlin.

I hate him.

But now that we’re forced together, both of our acts are breaking down.  He’s seeing the weak, imperfect side of me I’ve been terrified to show to anyone.  And I’m discovering the pain beneath his cocky bad boy mask.  Deep down, we’re both just as broken as the other.

Loving Cal Gatlin hurts.  It’s dangerous.  It’s reckless.

But maybe we can save each other.


***SAVE ME is a full length standalone novel with an HEA****






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