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Blitz: a Football Romance

(September 22, 2017)





Cocky?  Possessive?  King of football, arrogant jock?  That's me.  Desperately in love with Mia Meadows?  Also me.  And if she doesn't remember, I'll be happy to remind her.

Ten years ago, I lost my childhood best friend.  About ten minutes ago, she walked into our university's cafeteria.  Mia Meadows.  The one that got away.  The one I've been pathetically crushing on for years.

She's also the one that doesn't remember anything.  Oh, and she hates my guts.  Minor setback.

I have everything -- the fame, the money, the wins and trophies -- but the only thing I really want?  Mia.  All she has to do is remember that she's mine.  And I've got a plan.

Luckily for Mia Meadows, I like the chase.  And King Kane never loses.  


He's arrogant, too hot for his own good, worshiped by half the state... and completely obsessed with me.  For some reason.  I guess what they say about football causing brain damage is true.

It doesn't help that my gossip-obsessed roommate Kim is desperately trying to set us up together.  Or that Finn keeps hinting at some huge secret.  Maybe that's the brain damage again?

But if Finn thinks these surprise dates, grand romantic gestures, and weird secret hints are going to fool me, he's even stupider than I thought.  And trust me.  That's almost impressively stupid.

I don't care what game he's trying to win.  I'm not playing.  And I'm definitely not going back to bed with him.


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